Lean / Continuous Improvement

Lean ...
The method of reducing cost and increasing profit using a set of principles and techniques designed for a relentless pursuit of waste and the elimination or reduction of it.

Produces an efficient just-in-time production system, that will deliver to our customers
  • exactly what they need
  • when they need it
  • in the quantity they need
  • in sequence
  • without defects
  • and at the lowest possible cost.
Standardized processes are the basis of Continuous Improvement
  • Specific tasks are defined as the best way to get the job done in the amount of time available while ensuring the job is done right the first time, every time.
  • Sequenced steps for an operation make errors visible.
  • Reduction in variation, established times for each operation, agreed upon quantity of work in process and documentation ensures stability.
  • Best practices are identified to remove waste from processes.
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