FAQs - Talent Development Program


Questions on salary and benefits

What will the salary be in the TDP?
Is this a commission-based position?
What benefits does your company offer?

Questions on the position/ program

Is the TDP a full-time or a part-time program?
Does the program include international sales experiences?
Will I work with other participants from the TDP?
How is it determined which location I will work at?
Can I choose my rotations?
Which sales areas will I work in?
Will I relocate during the program?
What can I expect as a participant in progress?

Questions on recruiting

When do you recruit for the TDP in the United States?
What does the recruiting process look like?
How will I be assessed in the recruitment process?

Questions on employee development

Will I have any interaction with executive level management?
What kind of sales development will I experience?
What type of career path can I expect after completing the program?
How is performance in the program evaluated?

Questions on contacts

Where can I apply?
Who is the main contact in HR for the TDP? How do I contact the TDP recruitment team?
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