A fundamental value of thyssenkrupp Aerospace is respect for the individual. The Company believes that to maintain our position as a successful leader in today's global economy, we must attain a truly diverse workforce. This will enable thyssenkrupp Aerospace and its employees worldwide to reach their full potential based on merit.


We believe that to be completely successful, high performing work teams must develop capabilities of "openness" and "inclusion," tapping the full value of inputs from employees with diverse backgrounds, and value differences of opinions and attitudes gained through experiences.


All employees have an obligation to assist the Company in maintaining an environment free from discrimination and to foster an environment that supports the open and non-judgmental exchange of diverse ideas and opinions.


Our current networks include:

  • REACH Goodwill of Tacoma
  • Year Up of Seattle
  • Army Career Alumni Program
  • Marine – for – Life
  • Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces


Educational programs assist our leaders in fostering a respectful, safe, and inclusive work culture. Programs include Harassment Prevention, Leadership Effectiveness, and more.


Our Mission

The thyssenkrupp Aerospace Partnership Network is committed to the continual recognition and value of utilizing the strengths and capabilities of connections with military experience in order to enhance the culture, continued growth and success of thyssenkrupp Aerospace NA.


thyssenkrupp Aerospace Committees:

  • Mentorship and Coaching: We continually work on building relationships that enhance personal and professional growth and an environment in which military hires can reach out and support one another.
  • Community Enhancement: To enhance our communities by providing support and resources targeted to military persons and families who can benefit from our knowledge and experience.


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