Your Supply Chain Partner


The focus of thyssenkrupp Aerospace is to optimize material and information flow for our customers' supply chain. This includes the coordination of material procurement, storage, processing, packaging and delivery functions for the world-wide aerospace community. We offer the widest selection of alloys and sizes of aerospace aluminum and related materials in the industry. Using state-of-the-art order management, purchasing and warehousing systems, together with unmatched logistical support, we'll help you create a flexible, agile supply chain that will exceed your expectations now and into the future.

We hold long-term supply agreements with major airframe and engine manufacturers; large assemblers; maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities; and hundreds of aerospace machine shops. Together with our affiliates throughout the thyssenkrupp global family of companies, we have the infrastructure to support customers anywhere in the world.

The cyclical nature of the aerospace industry is a well established fact. Supplies maybe tight today, but plentiful tomorrow. Orders can spike, then drop, then spike again. The challenge is to design a supply chain robust enough to survive this predictable unpredictability. At thyssenkrupp Aerospace, this is our specialty.

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